Thursday, July 30, 2015

Plus one (button).

I found this dress recently and to be honest I didn't hate it as-is, but I knew it could be even better. It had great material and a good basic shape already.
The main thing that I didn't like was the collar and neckline. This dress happened to have a spare button sewn onto the tag (YES!), so I decided to take off the collar and add a button at the top which created a jewel neckline. Then I changed the sleeves to cap sleeve, removed some weird sewn on ties (a bit hard to see in photos), tailored the bodice, and brought up the hemline.

Here she is:

Might be wearing this one everyday. 

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Side by side:


Kathryn Galara said...

The dress looks great now.

Ali said...

Love this refashion :-)

jennifer elliott said...

I would also wear that dress every day! Really great refashion. Great job!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Ladygirl Vintage said...

Thanks ladies!! Made my day.

Kathy W. said...

The edits to this dress are so simple, but they make a HUGE difference! Nice job!