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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Skirt rehashed (spring edition)

Most of my refashions lately are about making the clothes I have smaller. For pieces I like - I make an effort to make them smaller, those that I don't and are simply too frumpy? I give them away. But I did like this skirt and the print on it:

Only... the shape and length were more suited for sixty year old modesty-is-cool kind of model. That ain't me. So I decided to make it shorter, and while I was at it I wanted to make it cooler, or less plain. A couple of small pocket sounded like a good idea, while adding some lace trim to them really gave this skirt that 'different' look. Check it out - my trans-seasonal lace pockets skirt!

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1 comment:

RanchHouse said...

Well, yes the before did look a little "school teacher". Oh, that's me!
Thanks for sharing this updated look.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD