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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

White + Navy = Lavender

I love refashion equations! 
Sometimes 3 shirts =1 dress
or 1dress = 1 skirt + 1 shirt
or other fun combinations.  

Today, I have a color combination that surprised me:  white + navy = lavender.

I bought some RIT dye from and when I browsed through some of the reviews, another person mentioned that her clothes turned a light purple color, not navy.  I thought that was crazy, so I ordered it anyway.

I watched the midnight blue dye pour into my gorgeous new washing machine.  (eekkk...dye makes me nervous)  I threw in several white and white-ish items and whatdoyouknow, they all turned out lavender! 
I think I like it!
Amy Jo at The Little Moments


vintagevogue said...

Were they part polyester or some synthetic?

RanchHouse said...

Love the color. I may be on the search for some dye while in town tomorrow.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD