Wednesday, August 05, 2015

#1 Going to Town Dress AND Refashion Runway Sew-Along for Stripes and Flowers

RanchHouse August Sewing Goal: 
  • Mend, alter, refashion 10  Casual Dresses for Town. This is #1.

Going to Town Dresses are:

  • Just enough nicer than House Dresses to wear to town. Pre-fashion garment and fabric are less worn. 
  • Good for lunch with friends, errands, shopping, and part-time contract work. 
  • Not needed everyday. 
  • Unfitted, Cool, Comfortable. This cool black dress will make a good Texas fall dress when it will still be hot.
  • Good use for large stash of pre-retirement clothes.
This dress: 
  • Is also for Refashion Runway Sew-Along for Stripes and Flowers

After: Going to Town Dress
Less worn t- fabrics make this nicer than
House Dresses

Small stripe t- from the stash and cut on bias for neck band.
Large stripe t-was thrifted to finish project. 

After: Flower and stripes.
Elastic inserted into band made with stitched seam casing. . 
Flower pots. Cotton weave fabric in the stash.

TNT Pattern 
 Goal: Use the pre-retirement stash.

Before*Cotton Fabric: Bought before only local fabric store closed.  *X-Small T-Shirt: In stash. Only enough to cut new sleeves. *XL mens' T-:Thrifted in town.  

After:  Going to Town Dress. Casual, cool, comfortable. Made with less well worn fabrics. Fitted enough to not be too over-sized, but still casual.

* XL T-: Cut bodice. Match stripes. 
*Small T-: Cut sleeves and bias trim.

What I Learned: TNT Pattern was altered. Drop shoulders were too wide for narrow shoulders.

Men's XL was thrifted to finish project. 

X-small T-shirt from Refashion Stash
was not enough to finish project,

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