Monday, August 10, 2015

#3 Going to Town Dress

RanchHouse August Sewing Goal: 
  • Mend, alter, refashion 10  Going to Town Dresses. This is #3.

Going to Town Dresses are:

  • Unfitted, Cool, Comfortable. It is 100+ this week.
  • Good use for large stash of Pre-retirement clothes.

After: Going to Town Dress
Goal: Refashion from my Pre-retirement stash.

Before: *Jumper: I taught in this jumper for several years.
*Shirt: Worn with jeans for several years.

After: Going to Town Dress when jeans are not enough.

Steps: *Jumper/New skirt. Remove jumper top, Serge and gather skirt top. Keep original hem.
*Shirt/New Top: Keep the main shirt structure. Remove collar. Take in side seams and sleeve seams. Cut off bottom of shirt, serge. Join new skirt and top at waist with 1" seam. Press seam up to shirt, stitch to form casing. Insert thin elastic.
Add matching buttons on shirt and skirt.

What I Learned: Skirt gathers break easily in the heavy denim. Section gathers into three parts. 1) Across the back to just before the edge of side seams.  2) 3) In front from the button tab to pocket edge on each side. Do not run gathering stitches over the heavy denim pocket area or over button tab.
After: Section gathers into three parts.
Run two rows of long stitching. across back seam to seam.
Run in front from button tab to pocket beginning on each side.
Do not run them over heavy pocket area or over button tab.
Before: Taught in this jumper years ago.

Before: Shirt after collar was removed.


whatthesew said...

Red/pink with denim is always a good look, I often use red thread to sew denim, and the matching buttons finish the look.

Useful tips about the gathering.

Queen Of Rods said...

This is the best dress yet! I love your color choices and creativity. Thank you for sharing :)

Refashion said...

I like this house dress! The top fabric is so pretty and a good contrast with the denim

Debbie EOD