Saturday, August 22, 2015

From Cari's Frocks

Hello again from Cari's Frocks.  My name really is 
Cari Frock 
and I LOVE to sew. 

I spent July prepping the yard and house for a week long crafting event I was hosting. Ladies came to SC from NC, MI and PA. Such a blast! The pic below shows the main event, tho we also did felting, scrapbooking, photography, lots of eating, sightseeing and of course SEWING.
My 16-yr-old niece had 2 prom gowns that we altered to fit. She LOVES to sew and next month we are attending classes together in Detroit.

The gal that did the 3-d canvas instruction brought a shirt that needed attention. I was so excited, cuz I knew I needed an August posting and wasn't sure how I would fit it in this month.

Here's her shirt


there's the problem- gauzey-ness didn't seam well to the cotton knit.


we found this 'fabric' in my Good-Will-by-the-pound stash and the color was a perfect match.

however, we got creative and decided to put the front on the back. We added some trim and

TADA! She loved it!

Til next time...happy stitching!!



Cute jacket :)
Maria V.

Carissa said...

What luck that you had the perfect color match! And those 3D canvas projects are super cute!