Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rhapsody in blue!

I find dyeing clothes quite fun. The fun is about transforming your clothes batch-style! For a while, I had been collecting a pile of clothes I wanted to dye in different colours and the rainy weather was holding me back since it is always best to line-dry dyed clothes for the first time. Once the weather changed, it was time for our vacation, so this post was pending for a while now. Nevertheless, I would like to share a part of my dyeing adventure with you – and for this I chose the use of double batch of Iberia electric blue and a pile of clothes, including:
  • Men’s brown polo (the colour my husband wouldn’t wear)

  • Men’s bright green polo (with stains)

  • Khaki t-shirt with netting (the colour made me wear it… never)

  • A very pale cotton summer dress (looked like a night gown)

  • Woman’s lavender cotton shirt (with bleach stains)

I have prepared the clothes for dyeing according to directions, while you can check here how I prepped the dress for dyeing. It was transformed from a plain and boring piece into something that I actually like wearing. 


jennifer elliott said...

I have yet to jump the dye bandwagon -- I'm a little too chicken to try it right now. But I love your results -- looks great.

Jennifer Elliott EOD

Dejana Dee GV said...