Monday, September 14, 2015

#1 End of Summer Night-Gowns

RanchHouse Mid- September Sewing Goal: *Mend, alter, refashion 10 Nightgowns.
This is #1.

These Nightgowns:
*Are from the closet end of summer closet change over.
Pleats stitched down.
Lace added to hem.
Nightgown top
Top changed out for knit t.

Pleats stitched down for easier ironing.
Before: Old white, soft White Cotton Night Gown from end of summer closet. 
I love old well worn, soft, smooth jeans, night gowns, and sheets. .
Sleeve-less ribbed t-shirt from the closet.
RanchHouse nightgowns need to be comfy, but also be presentable enough for making morning coffee.
After: Summer Nightgown ready for one last wear before packing away for the season.
Simple seam to join new top.
Top of gown stayed rumpled.
I wanted it to at least be presentable for morning coffee.

Nightgown and sleeveless t-shirt.
from end of summer closet.


jenny_o said...

What a pretty nightgown, and I bet it's so comfortable with the t-shirt top.

cfortin said...

That looks so comfortable and pretty.

Cindy - EOD
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