Friday, September 18, 2015

#10 of 10 Going to Town Dress Lining from Past Refashion

RanchHouse August Sewing Goal: 
  • Mend, alter, refashion 10  Casual Dresses for Town. This is #10.
Going to Town Dresses are:
  • Made from Pre-retirement garments that do not fit Retirement lifestyle. 
  • Good for lunch with friends, errands, shopping. 
  • Unfitted, Cool, Comfortable. Texas September is still hot.
Scarf panel added to torn lining.
Lace ties new/old together.

Lining mended on old Refashion

*Lining was very worn and torn on this dress that was Refashioned several years ago using a Grass Rags t-shirt and linen skirt.   
*Older scarf from the stash. 
*There were a few pin-holes in the t-shirt.
*Lace from the stash.

After: This is #10 for my Goal of 10 Going to Town Dresses.

*Lining: Re-stitch and serge lining, adding the scarf as a lining panel.  Add lace to the lining hem to tie it together.  
*T-shirt: Hand stitch the pin-holes.

Scarf added to lining.
Lace from the stash.


jenny_o said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal!

Do you have any tips for hand-stitching those pinholes so the stitches don't show?

RanchHouse said...

Thanks, on the goal. The goals help me stay focused on the UFOs in the stash.

Pinholes are tricky. I used a single thread and worked from the back. I caught stitches in the knit a few stitches over and barely pulled the hole together. I did not do any stitches that covered the right side of the t- just some gentle weaving on the back.
This one did pretty well, but another like it not so well.

I have been looking at Visible Mending and Sashiko blogs. I hope to do some soon.

jenny_o said...

I'll try the single thread approach. I just discovered Sashiko as well. Thanks for the tips!

Carissa said...

I love the addition of the scarf and lace! So cute!