Thursday, September 17, 2015

#2 Fall Nightown from End of Summer Robe

Front stitched closed.
Lace added to the hem.
Long sleeved Fall Nightgown.
Like old soft jeans, this soft, old cotton Nightie is a favorite.
Lace added to hem.
RanchHouse Mid- September Sewing Goal: *Mend, alter, refashion 10 Nightgowns.
This is #2.

These Nightgowns:
*Are from end of summer closet. 

Before: No before picture. Old white, soft White Cotton Robe from end of summer closet. his was the robe to a White Nightgown already posted.   I wore it as a Nightgown, but the buttons were awkward before being stitched closed.

After: Fall Transition Nightgown.

Steps: Stitch front button placket closed to change robe to Nightgown. Add lace to hem / cuffs. 


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jennifer elliott said...

Keep up your good work! I admire your motivation and determination to work on all these projects.

Jennifer Elliott EOD