Sunday, September 20, 2015

#3 Nightgown from Skimpy Gown and Slinky T-

RanchHouse Mid- September Sewing Goal:
*Mend, alter, refashion 10 Nightgowns.  This is #3.

These Nightgowns:
*Are from the end of summer closet change over.


Comfy nightgown with coverage.


Facing made from bottom of t-.

Before: *Old soft Cotton Nightgown from end of summer closet. This was short and sleeveless. I wanted to wear it around the house before bed and in the morning for coffee.
*Slinky t- from the stash. Very poly. Facing was already removed.

After: Comfy Nightgown with enough coverage to wear for morning coffee.
Steps: Cut gown just under the armpits. Cut t- at waist.  Make facing from t-.


Skimpy, short Nightgown.

Slinky t-.


jenny_o said...

Love those pinks - very pretty end result.

Carissa said...

Hurray! Pink and flowers! Right up my alley!