Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#5 Lace Nightown from End of Summer Closet

RanchHouse Mid- September Sewing Goal: *Mend, alter, refashion 10 Nightgowns.
This is #5.

These Nightgowns: *Are from end of summer closet.

Before: A favorite cotton gown I had not worn all summer; the lace was torn and unstitched in several places.

After: This gown is ready to re-enter the Nightgown rotation. When mending  moved it back into the rotation I considered it a Refashion.

What I Learned: 1) A lot of what I liked about this Nightie was the lace.
2) Searching Pinterest "Nightgowns Refashion" turned up a lot of lace. I saw one of my own post; someone had pinned, but it did not have lace. Hmmm!!!
I revisited my previous nightgown posts and added trims and lace. I posted the new pics on the previous posts.

Before & After:
Re-stitching lace put it back in rotation

Mended Lace Close up.


Past Post
Rick Rack from stash added.


Rick Rack added.


Past Post.
Lace added to hem and cuff.
Stash Lace Added.


Stash Lace Added.


Past Post:
Lase added to hem.

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cfortin said...

Love all the pretty lace.

Cindy - OED
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