Monday, September 07, 2015

#6 Over-sized Lounge Boxers from Satin Kimona

RanchHouse September Sewing Goal: *Mend, alter, refashion 10 Boxers or Sleep Shorts.
This is #6.

These Boxers:
*Kimono was in the Refashion stash and may have come from friends after-sale bag.
*Fit the need for more at-home lounge and sleep in late clothes. Retirement has some benefits!!!

Before: Satin Kimona.
Not a keeper as it was.
Before: From the Refashion stash. Satin Kimona may have been in a friends after-sale bag passed on for Refashions. Not a keeper as it was.

After: Over-sized Lounge Boxers. For lounging, sleeping, and sewing.  The satin has no stretch; they are comfortable only because they are oversized.

*Satin Boxers: Added a fold over waist-band and wide elastic. There are no side seams.

*Pattern: Traced PJ/Boxer pattern onto old sheet.
Marked notes with perm sharpie.

What I Learned:  I do not usually like satin, but these are great for loungers. Satin would also be great for Amerson Undies.

Pattern: No side seams.

 Traced onto sheet.

Before: Satin Kimono
Not a keeper.
Satin Close-up

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Refashion said...

I like those boxers - they look so comfortable and pretty too

Debbie EOD