Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#6 Nightgown from Thin Cotton Skirt and Pink Slinky / Poly T-

RanchHouse Nightgown
with coverage for morning coffee.
Modesty has crept up on me
RanchHouse Mid- September Sewing Goal:
*Mend, alter, refashion 10 RanchHouse Nightgowns.  This is #6
These RanchHouse Nightgowns:
*Need enough coverage for morning coffee on the porch.
*Are making use of thin/ slinky/ poly t-shirts from the stash.

Pinks are a good match.
Before: Old, very thin  cotton skirt from the stash. The elastic waistband was already removed.

*Very thin/ slinky/ poly t-shirt from the stash.  

As I go thru the stash I find that these thin/ slinky/ poly t-shirts are least likely to be worn out of the house.
After: Comfy Nightgown with enough coverage to wear for morning coffee.

Steps: Remove hem band from the t- at waist.  Stitch shoulder seams to raise a very low neckline. Serge all seams. The knit of the t- fit right into the skirt waist. Add rick-rack.

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