Friday, September 11, 2015

#7 Sleep Boxers from Poly Dress

RanchHouse September Sewing Goal: *Mend, alter, refashion 10 Boxers or Sleep Shorts.
This is #7.

These Boxers:
*Dress was in the Refashion stash.
*Fit the need for more at-home lounge and sleep in late clothes. Retirement has some benefits!!!
After: Boxer and Top.
Poly has no stretch.
 Panel added to back seam for comfort.

Before: Heavy polyester dress from the Refashion stash. Sleeve-less tank.

After: Boxers and top. For lounging, sleeping.  The heavy poly has no stretch, so boxers are not comfortable.

*Boxers:  Pieced from dress. After finished, a back panel was added to add comfort.
*Top: Cap sleeves added to tank.

What I Learned: The poly dress had no give, which made the boxers uncomfortable. Back panel was added for room and comfort.
There was limited fabric in the dress due to many seams.

Dress had limited fabric due to seams.

 Dress with many seams.

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Carissa said...

Your growing collection of lounge wear is making me super jealous!