Monday, September 14, 2015

No backsies

If you are making a list of requirements of a future spouse, you might want to make darn sure 'Don't donate something to my refashion stash if you don't -- y'know -- want to see it refashioned' gets on it. There's a story there, but you come here for the refashions, not the drama! Let's just say I was in the right.

Himself's 2007 T-shirt was just about as worn and stretched out as this really old J. Crew tank top of mine. New Look 6762 V. E was a match made in Vegas (where we renewed our vows in a drive through chapel for our tenth anniversary and are looking to do something for the silver in a few more years). 

It took a little fudging with the patterns to get it to fit onto the T but happily I was able to add a good inch and a half at the bottom in the end. 


The scraps went right into the donation bag -- after having the seams removed. I always tidy up scraps before giving them away to future seamstresses. My Gramma used to do that with her bits and pieces for me and my sister. I recall making clothes for our Barbies back then. Do girls nowadays still play with those?

I digress. The neckband struck me as a little wide, plus I liked the look of the raw edges of the sleeves and hem so I took the scissors to it --

before a quick topstitch to make it lie flat.


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Refashion said...

Great job! I like the black contrast trim. My girls play with Barbies BTW.

Debbie EOD