Monday, September 14, 2015

Refashion Mathematics: Part 1

The other day I was contemplating how the "mathematics"of refashioning defy mathematic rules. In refashioning 1+1 can, in fact, equal 1.  In this case, 1 dress + 1 top = 1 dress.

The pieces were a strappy lime green sun dress, and a funky purple, green & black top.
The minuscule top offered exactly zero coverage, so I was initially going to turn this into a skirt. 
This shirt looked so promising on the hanger, but fit like a sack.

The greens just so happened to match very well. So the black across the bottom of the shirt became a waist band, the wide black sleeves became binding for the arm holes of the newly cut tank style top, and I have a fun, funky new dress!


RanchHouse said...

Yes, 1+1= 1 Awesome dress!!!! The colors and style are such a good fit. And it looks so good on you. It is hard to believe the dress was not always a #1 dress.
Mary @ RanchHouse

Amy Jo said...

Wow. That looks great on you! Nice job blending the two items into one!

Refashion said...

You have matched the two pieces together so well. It looks great


nanasknoll said...

Love it it came out so nice looking. Love the colors too. Can't wear those colors myself-but they look good on you for sure.

Queen Of Rods said...

Great refashion job! The top and bottom really look like they belong together :)

jenny_o said...

Amazing colour match - great job.