Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Summer recap no 2 - tunic into beach coverup

My sister gave me this tunic, but it was already quite shabby, which made it perfect for my beach dress. What it lacked in length I added from the sleeves by slicing them lengthwise.  


The tunic had to be narrowed down a bit and instead of stitching at the sides I have left the ends untrimmed and tied. I used two scraps and tied the shoulder straps.

Hope you've enjoyed this curvy refash!



g.satansbraten said...

Weeeell done !!!
What a pity for the poor thing to only get 'working-permission' as a beach-dress. Means: If I'd be the beach-dress, I'd be cross about this after a treatment towards the better like you did to it ;-)

LG, Gerlinde

RanchHouse said...

Love the idea for the beach dress. Gives me some ideas for an upcoming Carib vacation.
Thanks for sharing.
Mary @ RanchHouse EOD

jenny_o said...

Oh, wow! This turned out very well! I like the added length being straight, under the fuller top. And I like how you tied in the top to the hem by means of the knotted ties. Great refashion.

jenny_o said...

And by "tied in" I mean you had the same "theme" in the hem and the shoulders! lol to the bad choice of words :)