Friday, October 09, 2015

#3 Fall Travel Wardrobe: Sweatshirt to Fall Jacket and "Halloween Costume"

RanchHouse Sewing Goal: *Refashion 10 Items for Fall Travel/Work Core Wardrobe.
This is #3.

Fall Travel/Work Core Wardrobe:
*Up-cycled from Pre-retirement stash. Retirement did not take; I accepted consultant work.
*Needed for:
   -Casual Work / Early Childhood Center visits; think playgrounds and 3 yrs. olds
   -Travel / 4 weeks/ four states/ six flights/ pack light.
   -Great Lakes Region; as cold as our Texas winters.

Before:  Fall t-shirt, screen printed with hand painted details. Worn in my teacher days with denim skirts, khakis. Brown sweatshirt in the fall wardrobe. Lace from the stash.

After: Fall sweatshirt for travel and business casual.
My Halloween Costume; I am going as a retired teacher.

*Remove, sleeves, all ribbings. Cut t-shirt front/backs apart.
*Pin t- in place, stitch, serge. Fold t- over jacket front to create a facing.
  Top stitch to hold in place and create quilted effect.
*Replace  neckband.
*Add lace trim.
*Be so happy that this worked!!!

After: Jacket.
Left side is the t- back;
Right side is the t- front.
Shoulder/sleeve seam
Inside front, folded over, top-stitched.
Outside front, top stitched.

Neck band sewn back on.

Lace trim.

With travel jeans.
Refashioned Mom jeans.
With dress pants
Refashioned from men's pants.
With Dirndl Skirt
 from two pencil skirts,

Used a brown sweatshirt
with ribbing removed.
Green goes back to stash.
Worn with denim skirts in my teacher days.


jenny_o said...

"costume - retired teacher" :)

Are you going to show us the refashion of the men's pants you show here, too?

Lovely job.

RanchHouse said...

Thanks jenny_o
Yes, I will show the men's pants. I did them a while ago, but I should be able to show some info, especially about the San-sa belt.

Renata Laura said...

That looks awesome, when i first saw the pic (of your finished make) i was thinking i love it as it is!

Andrea said...

I love this! And I'm somehow surprised that it came from a t-shirt (though by now I should know better ;p ) Hope you enjoy the Great Lakes region! I'm from Michigan myself :) Enjoy!

Andrea EOD

Dee said...

I love seeing your posts and the little bits of humour which you inject.