Thursday, October 08, 2015

#2 Fall Core Wardrobe: Dirndl Skirt from Two Pencil Skirts

RanchHouse Sewing Goal: *Refashion 10 Items for "Work" Fall Core Wardrobe.
This is #2.

 "Work" Fall Core Wardrobe:
*Up-cycled from Pre-retirement stash. Retirement did not take; I accepted consultant work.
*Needed for:
   -Casual Work / Early Childhood Center visits; think playgrounds and 3 yrs. olds
   -Travel / 4 weeks/ four states/ six flights/ pack light.
   -Great Lakes Region; as cold as our Texas winters.

Before:  UFO Skirt in the Refashion stash. Two Liz Claiborne tight pencil skirts with waistbands/zippers removed.

After: Dirndl-type skirt with slip/lining stitched in. It is not fun to forget to pack slips or have elastic give out. Business casual to wear in Early Childhood Center visits. 

*Combined two slim-fit pencil skirts. Stitched/serged seams.
*Replaced waistbands/zippers with t-shirt and elastic fabric band.
*Lined the skirt with  lining from an old prom dress.

After: Dirndl-type skirt.
Business casual for visits to
 playgrounds/ kids chairs/ 3 year olds.

Elastic and t-shirt waist-band.


jennifer elliott said...

I have a ton of UFOs and I love combining two items to create a new item. Great job with the refashion.

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

jenny_o said...

Beautiful job, and it looks very comfortable with that waistband. Love it.