Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dress Turned Peplum Top

I have been SUPER busy this past week getting things ready for the hubby's Birthday celebration! I was so busy making dinner plans, picking up presents and wrapping presents that I honestly didn't think I had time for a refash...
Until Friday on my way home from work I had a stroke of genius! Which of course led me to a not so quick put stop at the Salvation Army (They were having a 5 for $5 clothing sale).

I picked up this beautiful sweater as part of my 5 for $5. Boot socks are all the rage now so instead of buying a pair I decided to make my own from this sweater!

I cut about 4 inches off the sleeves to make my boot socks. My idea was to have the scallop detail as the top but that turned out to be too tight for my legs so I had to use the side I cut as the top.

I just love the top portion of this dress! It would have been a pretty nice dress if I shortened it and took off the sleeves, but I stepped outside of my comfort zone and made this dress into a peplum top so I could wear my new boot socks with a pair of jeans!

Sewing a new hem on my peplum!

The Birthday Boy and I :)

I pushed up the long sleeves to make the appearance of 3/4 length. I like how it turned out and I didn't have to cut anything!

We followed dinner with beers at Baffin Brewery and played a few rounds of Brewery Janga, outrageously fun!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Happy Refashioning!!! 

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cfortin said...

Great new outfit.

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