Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Refashion Repurposing Unfashionable Material!

This is an old "refashion" I made a couple years back. I wanted to share it because its a Halloween refashion and it is an example of what you can fashion out of old unfashionable material!

I made this bacon and eggs costume using old upholstery material, foam material and some felt I had leftover from my past burlesque and performance costumes. When I originally made it I stapled it all together. Since I know how to sew now I went back over it with my sewing machine. Its still a little rough looking but its a Halloween costume after all! Here are some pics of what I did:

I started with this. 

I simply cut out the shapes of bacon and an egg. Then I made some shoulder straps for the bacon so I can hang it over my shoulders. I also cut out some holes for the arms in the front of the egg costume. I used glue to attach the yolk and the bacon fat.

The staples were falling out so I sewed the egg back together:

I did the same for the straps on the bacon.

It was easy and cost me nothing since this is old material I had laying around that would never get used for anything else.

Thats me modeling both costumes. My husband will be the egg!

Here is my original blog post: Bacon and Egg refashion!


g.satansbraten said...

:-D - thumbs up and 'pink envy' concerning your daring husband.

LG, Gerlinde

Carissa said...

Mmmm... bacon. But seriously, awesome costumes! Nice job using up previous materials.


Lolo said...

Thank you both of you! We have a lot of fun wearing these costumes! My bacon costume even doubled as a decent raincoat!