Monday, October 19, 2015

It's a Mod, Mod, World!

My husband and I enjoyed a birthday party recently where three of our groovy friends were turning 60.  So to celebrate, they had a "Remember the 60's?"  party.  We thought it would be far out to dress up...okay, I thought it would be far out, and my husband is such a good sport about supporting me!  So, off to my favorite thrift store for half off everything day.  I picked up a large moo-moo, green sandals, men's dress pants, and two knit shirts.  One more stop to pick up cheap shower curtain rings and I was ready to go.  Together, both outfits totaled less than $18! (I already had the hat, glasses, and earrings.)  I used the fabric from the moo-moo to make the dress.  The aqua fabric for the neckband and the inset belt was the moo-moo's lining.  I tapered the pant legs.  The shirt was made by painstakingly picking off the trim from one shirt, and then using part of that shirt to inset a "V" onto the white shirt.  The trim was then sewn on top of the "V".

Costume Tip:  Look to the internet for inspiration.  This was mine...

Click HERE to see more costumes!


Refashion said...

Your dress looks so good,love the fabric.

Debbie EOD

cfortin said...

Super cute dress Susan. My family had a dress up 60's style party a few years back. Fun times. :-)

Cindy @ Upcycled Design Lab