Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sleeves or No Sleeves?

While out with a fellow blogger, we came across this pretty cool Pilgrim Dress. I took a picture with it both backwards and forwards because I think it could actually be worn both ways.

With the removal of the collar and some of the length, I was still left with a delima on these sleeves. 
The sleeves were kinda cool but kind of itchy too... with the dress on right before going to a fashion shoot, I totally grabbed the scissors and started cutting!

Which version do you like better?

My tutorial is here :)

Happy Sewing!


Gingham Ginger said...

I think sleeves. But I'm in fall mode. Either way it looks great.

Carissa said...

I vote for no sleeves, especially if they're itchy. Sleeveless dress are just so much versatile, I think. You can wear them in the summer on their own, or throw something on over it when it gets cooler - a cardigan, blazer, denim jacket, or even a fancy lace stole for a more formal event.


Jean said...

Yes, I too vote sleeves; but as Gingham Ginger said... I'm in Fall mode also.
Could you line the sleeves with something...

Anonymous said...

I like no sleeves! Super cute like that and like Carissa said, you always have the option to add a jacket or cardigan!