Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Summer recap no 3 - a tshirt fix

This is not a refashion, really. It is more of a recipe how to fix all those t-shirts which were mangled in the process of removing those annoying tags.
I have dyed this t shirt only to notice the holes left from removing the tag. To conceal the holes, I added a piece of decorative tape stitching it over to cover the the tears.

Now it looks like an intentional and fun detail!

Hope you find this garment fixation idea useful!




jenny_o said...

Love how this looks! I've done the same, using a small piece of white lace embroidery on a white t-shirt. In my case I was trying to make it blend in but I love the idea of making it stand out as a feature.

g.satansbraten said...

Yep, tending to do similar and it's usually wayyy easier to fix female garments with sort of 'creative additions'. This one would even go with a male-garment. Yet the old proof: collect everything bigger than a fingernail, for perhaps future use. Especially since in my country 'ready-bought-patches' the like tend to be at times more expensive than a new garment ^^. Hence: quality assessment for both items worth while.

LG, Gerlinde

RanchHouse said...

So great!!! I have a t-shirt that I was trying to Fix by removing the logo and ended with a few holes. I will sure give this a go. Thanks for sharing, Mary @ RanchHouse EOD Wednesday