Friday, November 06, 2015

Red Striped Dress Makeover

Here is the dress originally. 
 It's not so bad, but I felt like it wasn't something I'd wear often. The fabric is so 
lightweight and flowy, but I felt like the length was weighing it down.

1. Hemmed dress about 6" shorter. Using these methods.
2. Used excess fabric to create cap sleeves.


Side by side 

Head over to my blog or instagram to see more details and other reafashions! I think this one maybe be a personal favorite :) 


Andrea said...

As always, super cute and incredibly gorgeous on you! I love the stripes and the simple update!

Andrea EOD

Sticky Genius said...

I always love your refashions! Simple, but so cute!

Ladygirl Vintage said...

Thank you both so much!