Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Very DIY Kids Pouch

So this isn't my best refashion but I really liked the idea. I think with some refining this could be an excellent use of old kids clothes. I had an old onsie and pant combo that I didn't want to give away because it was stained. I also didn't want to throw it out so I thought about what I could do with it. My three year old is really into purses right now so I decided I would turn the two things into a new purse (well actually its more of a pouch!)

I love the monkeys!

First I cut the legs off the pants.

Then I cut up one side of each pant leg.

Then I pinned the two pieces together on the bottom and both sides leaving the top open.

I sewed these sides together. Now its nearly a pouch!

NextI folded and pinned and then hemmed the top.

Next I cut the monkey out of the onsie to use as a patch on the side of the pouch without a monkey on it.

So cute!!!

I pinned the monkey on and then chose a stitch to sew it on with. I didn't want to use a straight stitch- I wanted something a little more fancy for the patch.

This will do!

Ok its not perfect.....
I had a little fold in the patch when I was done sewing as you can see above. Normally I would redo this but this is for my 3 year old and she won't mind!

Next I wanted a way to close the pouch so I cut the snaps off of the crotch of the onsie. I pinned them to the inside of the pouch and sewed it on.

And here is the finished product:

OOPS! Its sideways!
So Im not the best straight line sewer and certainly there is room for improvement but this is my first attempt. I thought about straps but found my kid liked it the way it was so I called this project done! Next time I will refine this process for better results!


g.satansbraten said...

Does my confession of being into sewing already a faiiiir length of my life help, that I fear hardly aaanything more than to sew a straight, visible line, longer than 10 - 30 cm?
At least a tiny winy bit?
Please check yourself for the following in your own case: Since I have a rather short foot (22 - 23 cm with 'cheating shoes') I'm moooore under control of the speed of the sewing-machine, when stepping/starting the foot-petal rather with my heel instead of my toes.
THIS provides me in turn with wayyy more time to concentrate on straightness and other things.

Off you go - to continue with projects the like and I deeply regret you're not taking adoptions of elderly childish women like me to get things like this as well.
Btw., stains =make them sort of feature: hire some of your 3 year olds 'painters', do additional blotches, wash them to mellow and/or 'widen' them, heat-set them in with an as hot as possible iron ...
... and declare them 'new fashion' ?

LG, Gerlinde

Lolo said...

Thanks those are great ideas!

jennifer elliott said...

I'm the same. I can't bear to throw old clothes out knowing I could use the fabric in some manner. Great job at turning it into a cute purse.

Jennifer, EOD