Tuesday, December 01, 2015

An Easy T-Shirt Refashion!

I love a good t-shirt but I don't like the way the standard t fits. I want something a little more creative or stylish. I have these three band t-shirts I got at a concert and so far I have not worn them because of the straight boring fit. So today I decided to do something about that! It requires very little sewing and only a little cutting.

You need:
chalk or fabric pencil
sewing machine or needle and thread.

Here is the before of my shirt:

This refashion has to be quick because my toddler is into everything!

First I cut the neck line into a boat neck:

Then I cut the neck line trim from the excess shirt fabric after cutting it down each side. I have a plan for that left over neckline! This is where you need chalk or something washable to mark  on the t-shirt.

First halve them!

And now they are straps!

I wanted to cut a V down the center of the back. My plan is to use the neckline as straps in the back. Scroll down if you aren't sure what I mean. Here is an image where I have laid the neckline down to plan where the straps will go. I turned the shirt inside out BTW, because I want to sew them onto the inside. Once I have that figured out I drew a V down the center of the back of my t with pink chalk:

I cut the V out of the back:

Give me a V!


Now I pin the "straps" to the back of my t where I want them so I can sew them down:

I also cut off any excess strap after sewing them on.

Here is what it looked like when I was done sewing them down. My sew lines aren't that great but this is supposed to be a DIY look so thats ok!

Then I turned it right side out again. Here is the final version (I will need to use a dry sponge or wash the shirt to remove the pink chalk):

Yes Im wearing a pink bra and sweats- no time for big changes or any styling with a three year old hanging around!

The back.

This look may require a special bra or one that goes with the look!

Im pretty happy with the outcome. It has the perfect rock and roll, DIY, rough look I was going for!

To see another one of my t-shirt refashions that requires no sewing click here.

T-shirt refashioning has sorta been my thing since my early twenties. Here are a couple of the many  super old pics of me wearing t-shirts that I refashioned:

Thats me on the left in a large mens sized shirt that I made into a mini dress.

This was a men's size large shirt I found at a thrift shop. It had a cool detective /romance novel picture on the front. Oh thats me on the right btw.
Thats all I can find at the moment but there were so many great and different styled ones!

Here is a link to my original post in my refashion and crafting blog.


cfortin said...

Your top looks much more feminine. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Lolo said...

Thanks Cindy!