Sunday, December 20, 2015

Kimono remake

I remade this one earlier this year, and I really like to wear it with jeans.

 I had already slimmed down the sleeves and shortened the fringing on this kimono, wore it for a while and then decided to give it another new look!

 Often I enjoy a bit of an obsession with collecting buckles, brooches, buttons and in this instance I'm going to use one of my old buckles. I always wear the cardi with the belt, it's a really flattering shape! For how to create this cardigan, have a look at my blog here!


Lovenicky said...

Great job! You will probably get more wears in the new format!

Carissa said...

Great job! Love the matching belt too!


Linda Wilson said...

Thank you both. I really like wearing this cardi and I'm a bit obsessed with matching fabric belts at the moment!