Thursday, February 11, 2016

Peace. Out.

Now that I am well on my way toward a capsule wardrobe, almost all the sentimental items I've kept aside to refashion have been sent to charities after a picture was taken or snippet of fabric taken from an unobtrusive spot.

This sleeveless dress was the last thing I bought as a single person. I haven't worn it for years and years, but I have started wearing aprons in the kitchen and studio so the choice of what to do with this dress was an easy one.

I used a pattern I drafted a while back (I made the original apron from a curtain so it doesn't qualify to be shown here at RFC)

but did not cut it exactly as I figured I could take advantage of the finished hem.

I used the rest of the dress for the neck straps

and the side ties of the dress for the, um, side ties of the apron.

Pockets from processed-for-crafts jeans (Little Sis needs sturdy cushions and quilts for her new beach house, so my enormous denim stash is pretty much spoken for) and a belt loop for my reading/close work glasses

made for a quick finish.



Marisa Glied said...

Awesome idea! I love it! The hook for glasses is such a great touch!


Andrea said...

Love your use of all of the extra bits!

Andrea EOD