Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Travel Souvenir Necklace!! Another Coin Refashion!

I like to collect souvenirs of my travels through life.  Over the years I have collected many coins from various different countries.  This necklace was made by me from some of those coins I have collected.
I just drilled a hole at the top of the coin, added a split ring and attached them on to a chain at equal distances.  An extremely simple refashion and upcycle of coins into jewelry.  It is a great piece to use my souvenir coins and I love wearing it alone or mixing it with some of my other vintage chains.
Here are some examples of the coins I used.  Hope you like this reuse and upcycle of some collected coins.  Cheers, Michele. Check out my blog Here.


Valerie said...

Nice idea! I have lots of coins collected from other countries (unwillingly, mostly, because I didn't have a chance to change them back to my currency when I returned home) so this is a great way to finally make some use out of them!

jennifer elliott said...

I agree with Valerie -- great idea to keep souvenirs close to you. Nice job.

Jennifer EOD