Sunday, March 06, 2016

Purple and Red dress


WP_20160213_001One of my neighbors asked me to trim 8 inches off of a purple polyester dress for her Halloween costume.  I asked to keep the 8 inch scraps and eventually (years later) added it to a little girls shirt for an awesome purple and red combination dress.   The red shirt had three red ruffles down the front, but that was not fancy enough for my fashionista.  oh no....we added two little lengths of purple ribbon and four fancy buttons.

When I sent my friend a picture of the refashioned dress, she replied that the rest of the dress was  in her donate pile.   I asked for it, of course and she was kind enough to oblige.  However, here's the thing.  I love the print and color.   I hate the feel of polyester and it looks HORRID on my body.  There is elastic at the waist.  I wore it out one day with a purple sweater that helped to balance out the pattern and cover the ill fitting garment a little bit.
I can't decide if I should put it in my donate box too, or if I should try to salvage some part of it.
I have been trying to eliminate clutter in my home by keeping only things that I love-things that spark joy.  There's no joy with this dress (right now), but that's the beauty of refashioning, right?  The potential!

WP_20160214_001 WP_20160214_002
What would you do with this purple dress?


Queen Of Rods said...

The purple sweater looks great with the dress. If you want to refashion it, I think that I would make the dress into a skirt, and use the extra fabric to create a scarf or a hair decoration (if you wear them) to balance out the print on the skirt with the solid purple of the sweater. Looking forward to hearing what you decide to do with the dress :)

jenny_o said...

I am picturing a dress like the one you made for your daughter, with a white top portion (or maybe even your purple sweater) and the skirt portion of the dress as the bottom! It depends partly on how heavy the dress material is, as to whether I'd use a lighter weight top or a heavier sweater. Good luck and let us know what you decide!

Carissa said...

The little girl's dress is adorable. And I actually like the way you wore yours with the pullover on top. Perhaps you could do something similar to your daughter's dress - make it a skirt attached to an existing top?


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