Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Peachy Keen Top

The color of this dress caught my eye when browsing clearance racks. I wore it a few times, but the way it clung to my hips made me so self conscious I would only every wear it with a long sweater. I finally decided to make it more versatile.

It looks good on the dress, but not so much on me. My original plan was to refashion the dress to look like the top I picked in one of my most popular pins. Once I got to work the top took a different shape.

You can see the details and more pictures from this refashion on my blog at ProbablyRachel.com.


Valerie said...

Looks lovely!

Chickie Walsh said...

I love the color and the length!

Kathy W. said...

So nice!

jenny_o said...

The top is just the right amount of "a good thing". Great makeover.

Marisa Glied said...

Great refash!


Carissa said...

Looks like it'll be much more versatile this way. Nice save!