Thursday, May 26, 2016

Earth Mama Costume

Hey Yall!
I have a bunch of theatre projects on the go... Here is one costume I refashioned for an Earth Mama character! I started with an extra large sleeveless sundress in lime green with a shirred top. I was making this into something size extra small, but I didn't have exact measurements, so stretchy elastic was the way to go!
I cut off the skirt, shrunk down the size, turned it upside down and pinned the shoulders in place
I used an awesome textured scarf and some dollar store flowers to decorate the piece

I finished it off with some sleeves that were cut off from some green leggings! (Sorry no pic) Here's the final image, front and back... What do yall think?


RePurposeFul said...

AWEsome! Wonderful ingenuity!

jennifer elliott said...

Looks very earthy. :) Great job!

Jennifer Elliott, EOD

Valerie said...

Pretty, and fun!

Andrea said...

The scarf is the perfect touch! It gives it a mossy texture and the colors play nicely together :) Good job!

Andrea EOD