Sunday, May 01, 2016

Floral Sweatshirt

I received this Puma sweatshirt for Christmas one year and absolutely love it because it is so soft. I have a bad habit of leaving lip balm in my pockets which goes through the wash .  Which happened in this case and  left a few spots on the front. I used some Palmolive Eco  dishwashing detergent to treat the stain and apparently it had a bleaching agent in it.  


I debated how to approach this project for awhile and it has been in my stash for well over a year. I did a StitchFix recently and received some gorgeous fabric which I used for the front. I just cut the old front out, used it as a pattern and sewed the new panel on. I had to use a seam ripper to remove the puma loga at the shoulder. 



Marisa Glied said...

Nice save for a cozy sweatshirt!


Maria said...

Much better & more wearable.

Carissa said...

Awesome! What luck that the grey background of the floral print matched the grey sweatshirt perfectly!


Chickie Walsh said...

Love this. Great fabric choice.