Monday, May 30, 2016

From dress to top

Hello everyone! 

It's Magda from House of Estrela again. 

I don't often sew for myself, that's a fact. Since I had kids I focus on sewing for them. 

I want to change that, I really do. So, last month I jumped in at the chance of turning a XXL dress I bought just because I liked the fabric, and tossed it right away into my refashion pile, into a new top for myself. 

You can read all the details about in in my blog, HERE if you're interested. 


I wear it all the time, it's comfortable and the subtle golden in it, allows me to dress it up a bit if needed. 
Aren't you so happy when you find XXL clothes to refashion too? 


g.satansbraten said...

;-) :-D - due to great result: to be continued!
And yes I love big-sized woman when they part from 'their no longer fond of clothes'.
Sometimes I pick around items and marvel in big admiration about the effort which was put into some garments to
- NOT just look like a bag/sack on a 'more solid built woman'
- admire some support features in them
- sometimes even hesitate to 'kill'/waste the garment for somebody basically none-worthy of them (= me!), whilst there are soooo many solid built woman with obviously bigggggest troubles to even find something matching and good looking for their size (= and boy, they appeal to me more than a well dressed 'bean stalk' - sorry to say so, despite an 'in between' myself!)

Refashion said...

That top is a fabulous colour. And the original looks like a great much fabric in an XXL like that.

debbie EOD