Sunday, May 01, 2016

Vintage Accessory Refashion Fix

I thrifted this amazing crinoline slip. Made in the UK. It fit but it was too long for any of the dresses I wear. So I needed a refashioning fix. Its not exactly like my other refashions because its more like a functional fix than a style fix.

I decided I would shorten it from the top so I chopped off the elastic waist and then I chopped off some more length.

Next I folded the top over and pinned it. I made a large fold because I needed space to fit the elastic back in.

Then I sewed that down but I left a two inch space open so I can put the elastic back inside the new waist band.

Next I got out a knitting needle, scotch tape and that elastic piece. I taped one end of the elastic to the tip of the knitting needle and pinned the other end to that opening in the waist band.

I stuck the knitting needle through the waist band until it came out the other side. Then I pinned together the two ends of the elastic and sewed them together.

Next I sewed that opening closed.

Now its short enough to wear under my dresses AND the length is adjustable- I wear it around my waist to keep it shorter and for longer dresses I can pull it down to sit on top of my hips.

Here it is without a dress

And here it is with a dress!
To see all the images of the process please check out my blog entry about this project!


Carissa said...

Love it! I need to make myself a pettiskirt too!


Valerie said...

Bookmarking your post! I have an oversized petticoat that I bought at a bargain. Your strategy for resizing might be just what I need!

Chickie Walsh said...

Great job!

Lolo said...

Thanks everyone!