Friday, June 17, 2016

Cozy in Hot Pink

A lovely friend of mine, who knows I love transforming things, gifted me a bag of clothing she no longer wanted. I decided to make it my challenge to get creative with every article of clothing in the bag!

The first item that inspired me were these hot pink lounge pants. They fit perfectly but I couldn’t leave them as is, that would be boring. 

I decided to chop off the bottom and give them a hem for some shorts I could use for sleep wear. 

Next, I bought a very soft, black t-shirt and used some of the leftover material to cut out a cloud shape to tie in the shorts and the top together so that they look like a sleep wear set. My original idea was to add raindrops falling from the cloud but then decided no raindrops looks more sleep-like and cheery.

Here is the after. I think they are adorable.

The next item that inspired me was a Balinese Sarong. The material is beautiful and silky soft. In keeping with my cozy sleep theme I decided to make some eye masks to block out the light while I sleep.

I had an eye mask that I used as a template. With extra for seam allowance I cut out a piece from the front of the sarong and another from the back. Then I cut a slightly smaller piece of thicker cotton fabric to place in the middle for cushioning.

Next, I sewed the three pieces together, tucking in the raw edges. I left a couple of slots on the sides to attach a matching red elastic band, and then sewed them in.

I am now ready for a super cozy sleep. 



RePurposeFul said...

Love them both! PJS are always fun!

jennifer elliott said...

Love the new pjs ... very cute.

Carissa said...

Great job on both projects! That's some challenge to refashion everything your friend gave you. Looking forward to what else you come up with!