Saturday, June 04, 2016

Pink and Grey Tablecloth = Great Dress!

Hello fellow Refashioners!!  
 I saw this tablecloth at my thrift store and went nuts...  I don't mean I liked it, I mean I went nuts.  I don't know why, but there was just something about it - I HAD to make myself a frock out of it.  So, here's what happened:  I cut a center hole in the round tablecloth, and picked out things I wanted to use with it... A grey lace-trimmed tank, a pink tank and a pale pink T-shirt.

I decided to use the grey tank for the top, so I added a few appliques from the leftover piece of the tablecloth to tie it in more, and cut off the bottom of it...

 I sewed the top to the bottom, using a stretch seam binding lace...

 I cut the bottom few inches off of the pink tank and hemmed it to use as a waistband...  when I looked at my work, I knew it needed something else special... so, I cut off the eyelet from a dust ruffle I recently scored at the same thrift store, and added it to the bottom!  Now we're getting somewhere! :)

OK, you know how I can't ever just leave a project when it could be finished... I always think it needs something else... something to make it WOW...  I looked around my stash, and sat and thought... Oooooo, that antique lace doily!!!  Yup, that's the ticket!  I cut it in half, and sewed it to the very bottom strip from the pale pink T-shirt... and added some long grosgrain ribbon in grey and white... now it can be a hair wrap, waist wrap, shoulder wrap, etc.!!  :)  TA DA!!

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed it!!  Maybe get some ideas, or inspiration?
See you next time! :)


g.satansbraten said...

Tablecloths and curtains - my personal 'achilles' heel'; welcome in 'The Club' ;-)

LG, Gerlinde

Carissa said...

Dust ruffle as skirt trim - how imaginative! I love it!


RePurposeFul said...

Thanks a bunch for the comments!!!
Can't have enough reasons to smile!