Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Remaking of a T-dress

The Remaking of a T-dress

My name really is:  Cari Frock 


 I LOVE to sew.

Found this at the local Good Will

When it was at home I noticed the missing beads.
 Thought it was a 'ready to wear' item.
It became
'an opportunity for creativity'.

And here is the asymmetrical redesign of the beads 
Silk beaded blouse to be used.

Beading detail

AND then my phone broke before I could save the rest of the pics.
SO, to recap, I cut the hem off at an angle and attached it at the waist for a peplum.
Then, for interest, I added  a couple of pieces of the silk beaded blouse and several different trims.
The only thing left to do is lose about 10 more lbs so it will fit.
(And, truthfully, if you look closely, you will find that the bottom brown trim is still only pinned.) 

Til next time...happy stitching!!


g.satansbraten said...

Get that stupid pin out and the trim securely fixed, please, since the dress is now a hit!!!

Can't you do some additional 'widening-tricks' with the leftover of the blouse so you need not to wait for losing those stupid 10 lbs?
Either Saga's side-inserts or a 'bust-widening' to the already centre feature?
If it's about 'The Centre' showing the 'food baby' to much, how about rising the skirt part/cutting the top part, so the 'f.-b.' is going into the pleats of the skirt?
If shirt gets too short due to this lifting-trick, how about a longer 'angle-insert' with the blouse material, so the current 'angle-point' (right where you added the new SHORT lace-agle anyway already; adding a looonger one?) ) of the original skirt is due to this turning into a 'shorter insert/layer' due to the addition of the new longer lace-angle-insert ?
Line lace part if too high up and too look through?

LG, Gerlinde
with thanks for this trick of yours

Cari Frock said...

Fabric is stretch-y T, the new lace sewed at the waist is non stretch cotton. Hence the needed weight loss, or "call a friend' as the game show says, a skinny one.

Marisa Glied said...

Wow this turned out beautiful! It was made to look like the after picture! I love it!


Carissa said...

So boring to begin with, but not anymore! Great job!


RePurposeFul said...

Awesome job! So creative, and it looks amazing!

RePurposeFul said...

Awesome job! So creative, and it looks amazing!