Friday, July 08, 2016

#1 August Back to School Basic White Skirt

RanchHouse Re-fashion Goal: Refashion 10 Items for August Back to School Wardrobe.
This is #1.

Back to School in the August Hot Texas Summer:
*Retirement did not take. AGAIN!!! Retired from University and now I return to Elementary School in one month. 
*I will Up-cycle from my Pre-retirement work stash.
*Goal: Re-fashion 10 items for back to school in August. Dress is business-casual and it will be HOT in Texas.

Before: Very long white cotton skirt. Looks frumpy, especially with my nightgown tucked in.

After: Just hemmed 2-3 inches. Still long, but not too long white cotton skirt.
*Works with this red stripe t-shirt and red sandles. 
*Great wardrobe basic.

Steps: Very simple re-fashion.
*Serged at edge of existing very thin fold-over hem..
*Turned over two inches and top-stitched.

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Carissa said...

Frumpy to fabulous! It'll be great for the Texas heat!