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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Floral dress redo

Hello refashioners!
Then more I post the more I realize I love dresses­čśČ Almost all my refashions are dresses haha. Anyhoo.. When I found this dress I was in love with the style and pattern of it.
Unfortunately when I washed the dress the adorable collar got really dingy:( so it had to go as well as the giant shoulder pads. After I removed the shoulder pads the sleeves were still too much for me. I cut them off as well as a couple inches off the bottom:) I paired it with my vintage pearls and a white belt.
Here's another angle:)
It has pockets!! 
Oh on a side note: I am thinking about getting a dress form. The only issue is that I'm in between sizes. The ones I've found are either medium size 6-8 or large size 12-14. My measurements are closer to the 6-8 but since the dress form is smaller than me will I run into issuer? Thanks for looking and check out my blog if you want to see more step by step photos and more refashions! Click here:)


Samwise W. said...

My dress form was a bit too small in certain areas, so I ordered a padding kit! It helped me make the form more true to my size. That might be an option to consider! I looovvveee my dress form. Worth every penny!
Super cute dress BTW :)

Ivy Dewett said...

Oh nice! I didn't know that was a thing! thanks!

Jessica Whitehead said...

I have an adjustable dress form, which is great. But, I still had to do some padding to make it more my size. So, the dress form wears a bra (stuffed, of course) and Spanx-like slip thing (also stuffed to make the bum more curvy). That way I didn't have to buy the kit. Works great!

alyrocco said...

This dress is super cute! Great refashion. : )

Ivy Dewett said...

Oh nice! I was looking at the adjustable ones but I really don't want to spend almost 200$ (shipping included) I am now thinking of attempting to make my own!

Ivy Dewett said...

Thanks it's one of my favorites:)

Chickie Walsh said...

Very cute. It looks so fresh and modern now.
I put a stretchy cami on my dress form and added padding to make it my size. I used my tape measure to make sure the measurements were the same. The cami keep the padding in all the right places.

jennifer elliott said...

I love this refashion -- very cute and modern. I love the addition of the white belt and necklace. Great job.

Jennifer, EOD

P.S. I have a decorative dress form, but I use it to hang shirts and dresses when I need to pin and tuck stuff. The dress form isn't definitely my size but it's great to see how a refashion is turning out.

Ivy Dewett said...

Thanks I'll definitely have to keep it in mind!

Ivy Dewett said...

That's basically what I'm going to be using it for, and thank you I love accessories!