Saturday, July 30, 2016

Little adjustments and a really little skirt

This shirt was a couple sizes too big for me, so I used a favorite pink shirt to figure our where sew my new seams.  Sometimes I trace my new seam lines with the kids markers or whatever I can find around the house.  But on this lucky day, I was able to find my chalk tailor which worked great on the black fabric.  I left the sleeves and length at the original length of the shirt because I liked the fit as it was.

The pants were brand new with tags from Ann Taylor, at least 75% off retail price. It was a great find!

AND they would have been perfect if I was four inches taller.


I brought them home and hemmed them up.  I took my time and did a good job (which I don't always on my little projects) and now I have an outfit that fits me just right.

I'm wondering how many of us have been inspired by Hofficoffi  to use scraps to make Barbie clothes!?!  I love that idea!

I used the hem from my pants to make a little black skirt for one of the Barbies hanging around my house. A little strip of Velcro attaches the skirt around her impossibly small waist.


Barbie is hanging out in our backyard, wearing her new little black skirt.
Thanks for the inspiration, refashion co-op!
Amy Jo at The Little Moments


HoffiCoffi said...

That is such a cute Barbie photo! :)

Chickie Walsh said...

I love the outfit and the use of old clothes as a pattern. And the Barbie relaxing in the yard in her new skirt is fabulous. Nice job.
Chickie EOD