Friday, July 15, 2016

Wearing a dress backwards

I needed light and breezy dresses because here in Greece the heat is very difficult and provided my pregnancy the situation is getting even harder. So, I bought two dresses for 5 euro each from a local flea market. Today, I will show you the first:

It's a swing dress and the front was very high at my neck, so I thought to wear the front as back, but needed a fix too.

I wore it, marked with a pen where I wanted to be, cut and sewed.

Then I added a blue lace trim to embelish it and...

I am very satisfied with the result and I may add lace trim to the hem as well.
Bye for now!


Chickie Walsh said...

So cute. Perfect for summer.

Carissa said...

I hate a too-tight collar, but I LOVE your solution! Way to think outside the box!