Friday, August 26, 2016

Fix It Friday!! Simple Dress Refashion!

I bought this dress for $7.50 at Value Village at the 50% off sale.  I love the print and the fabric, it was just huge on me, but I knew this would be an easy refashion.
As you can see, it was far too large.  A size 28 in fact.  But I knew that I could refashion it very easily.
I turned it inside out and pinned in the sides and the front seams.  I sewed these up to my satisfaction with a long basting stitch and then tried the dress on to see if it fit.  It needed a little adjustment and then I stitched the seam with a proper length stitch, cut off the excess fabric and then zigzag stitched the raw edges to keep them from fraying.
Here is the final result and it fits very nicely now.  A simple fix to a simple problem.  Cheers, Michele

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jennifer elliott said...

Simple fixes make a big difference. I like the floral pattern. Nice job.

Jennifer, EOD