Friday, August 05, 2016

Simple Dress Spruce Up!

This dress was a very simple refashion:) When I found it at the dollar a pound Goodwill Clearance center I had to get it! It's a really light material and I loved the pattern!
 Because it was a pull over dress I really couldn't take it in anymore. One thing that had to change was the neckline. It was just too far up my neck for my liking. Luckily it had an adorable button closure on the back so I simply turned the dress around and tucked the sides in! When I started working with the dress I realized someone had already lobbed off the length because there was no bottom hem! I added a quick hem a brown belt and matching wedges and I was off to see a luau with my husbands family!
Close up of the neckline!

I promise I don't torture him like this all the time lol:)

Thanks for looking! And if you want to see more refashions and more step by step photos head on over to my Blog
Until next time- Ivy

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jennifer elliott said...

Very cute refashion! And puppy doesn't look like he minds joining the fun. Too adorable! Great job.

Jennifer, EOD