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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#4 September Back to School: Two Linen Tops become a Linen Set

 This is #4 for September Back to School.

*I am a "retire / rehire". Retired from University and Rehired into an Elementary School
*I pledge not to buy any new RTW or thrifted for my new "Back to School" wardrobe.  
*I pledge to shop from my closet.

  • The skirts were in the closet & refashioned with hem & button changes a few years back.
  • Shopping the closet turned up the matching yellow linen tops bought in the same garage sale.
  • These were the same fabric and the same brand.
  • Problem was, the overshirt had the short sleeves and the undershirt had the long. sleeves.
  • Have an "aha" moment to realize that I could switch the sleeves in the tops so they cold be worn as a set.
  • Removed the sleeves from both tops. Sleeve caps & armcycles matched.
  • Baste, stitch, serge the sleeves in place. 
AFTER: An easy Refashion that gave a set to wear with the 3 skirts.
After: A Set
Short Sleeves 

in Under shirt
Long Sleeve 

in Overshirt
Already Refashioned

 Blue Skirt

After: Bias Cut Trim
Already Refashioned Chambray Skirt Hem

Already Refashioned 

Denim Skirt

Same Brand & Fabric
Long Sleeves
in Under Shir

From the closet
Short Sleevs
in Over-shirt


whatthesew said...

I like this 'shopping in your own closet' idea. I think we all have plenty of clothes already if we are honest.

jennifer elliott said...

Nice job. I like your idea of doing something new wth your wardrobe.

Jennifer, EOD

Chickie Walsh said...

Smart thinking to swap the sleeves. They make a nice set.

Stephanie Hara said...

Love this outfit! Looks amazing!
prairie underground hood drab