Friday, September 16, 2016

#8 August Back to School: Dress Updated AGAIN!!!

GOAL: Refashion 10 Items for August Back to School. 

This is #8.

*I pledge not to buy any new RTW or thrifted for my new "Back to School" job.  
*I pledge to shop from my closet.

BEFORE: This dress was refashioned MANY years ago from a suit. No picture- it was long before Refashion Co-op or even Wardrobe Refashion. The refshioned dress was a favortite style, but bleach spots had moved it to wear around the RanchHouse status. 
The "more lace is better" movement at my new school along with lace from the stash gave hope.

STEPS: Opened the waist seam. Removed the buttons. Sewed  3 strips of stash lace side by side to make a wider lace.

AFTER: Bleach stains are covered. This dress is perfect for Texas end of summer heat. AND proof that "more lace is better". 

I wonder how a lace border
on the hem would be?

Lace covers the bleach spots.

Lace was overlapped.

Bleach stains. 

A favorite dress
refashioned long ago
from a suit


whatthesew said...

Your lace stash must be quite substantial.

jenny_o said...

How clever! The dress lives again :)

jennifer elliott said...

Great way to cover bleach stains! I think lace fixes almost anything.

Jenn, EOD