Monday, September 26, 2016

FFO - Finally Finished Object

So, I started this project before I joined Refashion Co-op (actually a looooong time before) and I didn't take a photo.  But that's okay, because Chickie did it for me at the beginning of September:

Chickie's shirt

Okay, it's not exactly the same shirt, you might have spotted the colour change.  But the style is the same (and not my style either).  There were belt loops for the self-fabric belt that were at the end of my rib cage rather than my waist, plus it was really awkward to get on and off.  The label said "cotton elastane" but it has no stretch whatsoever.

Solution?  Cut the shirt the rest of the way down the front, unpick the side seams and take out the belt loops then re-sew them, unpick the belt down the long side and make it into button bands either side (just enough fabric).  Wait until suitably calm and relaxed, take a deep breathe and make buttonholes.  Unpick a few, make some more.  Unpick a few again, make some more.  Declare them finished as "perfect is the enemy of good" and no-one but me will ever notice / care.  Sew on a whole lot more buttons, an odd assortment of blue then white because that's how I roll.  Done!

Happy sewing Refash Co-opites!



Chickie Walsh said...

It looks great! I love it and the buttons are perfect!

whatthesew said...

This is a great idea and the button band looks like it has always been there.

cfortin said...

Great save. I am not a fan of the pull over style either.

Cindy - EOD
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