Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jeans to dress refashion

I don't really wear jeans, but fortunately there are always plenty of barely worn ones languishing in charity shops that the owners have found are too tight, too low slung, badly fitting.

I managed to chance upon a large size and better still flared Tommy Hilfiger pair for £4 (cost maybe £50 new) in my local shop. The denim was quite nice and soft.

After deconstructing the jeans, but leaving one leg seam intact, I had plenty of fabric to make my dress bodice, using the leg side seam as the centre seam at the front.

Once I was happy with the fit, I added the original jeans waistband and bound the arms and neck with some home made bias binding.

I was making things up as I went along, hence I now realised it takes more than one pair of jeans to make a dress and I had already used the best bits of the ones I had bought in making the bodice.

Fortunately, I had in my stash, a pair of jeans of similar weight and elastane content which had been donated to me by my daughter.

I deconstructed these, and laid it all out on the bed for ideas.

Yep, that would work, I think.

I had enough denim left from the original jeans to make triangles to fit into the front and back but used the trim fabric for the side fill in.

The best bit is the pocket.  I sewed both original pockets together to make one big one.  This pocket is my pride and joy, I was able to breeze through airport security with passport and boarding pass safely tucked away in there.

Lucky for me, a younger model (aka my daughter) was available for the main photoshoot.

There are more details and photos here  and I am going to enter this into The Refashioners 2016.    


jennifer elliott said...

I completely agree about the pocket location! Beautiful! I think the pocket makes the dress unique AND convenient. Lovely job.

Jennifer, EOD

Eimear Greaney said...

love it, adore that pocket detail

Chickie Walsh said...

This came together so well. it looks great on you.